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Take control of your company benefits with a self managed plan without the risk. Provides high quality protection for employees at a low cost.


Major Medical Health Benefits


Makina Level Funded plans offer wellness-inspired insurance options so everyone can have their health needs met in the various life scenarios and stages.


Dental coverage is key – without it, many employees may never visit the dentist. Makina Dental Plans are specifically designed to complement our wellness-inspired group health benefits program.


Makina Vision Plans are designed to offer all employees will need in terms of annual eye exams, lenses, frames, and contact lenses. Offering cost-competitive Non-network benefit plans.

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A Different Approach

At Makina Benefits we are dedicated to helping our nationwide business clients and their employees save on healthcare costs with top quality level funded plans. We manage healthcare costs by focusing on improving the health and wellness of those we serve. Our innovative level funded plans will provide your employees with a unique and personalized health care benefits solution. 

Getting quality care
just got a whole lot easier

Forget what you know about traditional primary care—the inconvenient scheduling, long wait times and increasing expenses. Makina Benefits is breaking down the barriers, using technology from 98point6 to bring on-demand access to affordable care to everyone—because we think that’s the way it should be.

On-demand  |  Text-based  |  Nationwide  |  24/7 Care

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What is a Level Funded Plan?
Makina Benefits LFP have regular and predictable health plan costs while only paying for the healthcare costs actually incurred by employees. Employers pay administrative and anticipated employee claim costs.Our claim cost containment strategies allow for employer’s total payments to be greater than the actual claim costs, while the surplus will be used to lower future stop loss premiums. However, if employee claims exceed what’s been paid, embedded “stop loss” insurance acts as a safety net.


Benefits that you own, our small business health strategy puts you in control of your cost and benefit level.


Regular and predictable health plan costs while only paying for the healthcare costs actually incurred by employees.

Are you a provider?

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We make health insurance robust and affordable.

Our personalized approach will ensure that your plan and employees work together to protect your bottom line. We are not a sales insurance company, we are a health insurance advocacy company. From simple questions to a complex medical need, we are with you all the way.

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The Importance of Dental Care

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Claiming Dependents on Your Insurance

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