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The Importance of Healthy Sleep

The worry and stress related to loss of control and uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic can lead to sleepless nights. Healthy sleep habits, are important for maintaining your well-being. Getting adequate rest should be part of your first line of defense against...

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Should Your Employees Wear Masks?

While it may not be "pleasant" to wear them, face masks will certainly play an important role as businesses ramp back up.   Here are some things to consider when devising your company's face mask policy• The virus can spread between...

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Honoring Those Who Died for our Country

This Memorial Day weekend looks like we're not going to have the same holiday we normally do. We still need to be diligent in our social distancing. Think about scheduling a Zoom meeting with your friends and family and celebrate with a virtual happy hour. Whatever...

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Pets and COVID19

For a lot of us, our only company available right now is our pets. Although there's still a substantial amount of information we have yet to know about COVID-19, here's what we know about how to keep our furry friends safe. 1. We know that COVID-19 was originally...

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Reopening America and the New “Normal”

Now that we're past the first wave of COVID, things are starting to look somewhat normal. Remember that it's still absolutely necessary for us to exercise caution and healthy habits. Wear your mask as often as you can outside your home. Comply with the rules of public...

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PPP Loan

If you applied for a PPP loan before April 24th, and you have realized that you don't need it, you have until tomorrow to pay it back in full and avoid penalties. If you did and still do require the funds, make sure you are keeping a written record of how you are...

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Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Update

Most of the delays processing the PPP applications have been due to small business owners not submitting the proper documentation with their application. Small businesses still thinking of applying for a PPP loan, may want to check local, participating community...

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COVID19 and 1099 Workers

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce executive vice president and chief policy officer Neil Bradley clarified that business owners do not have to include independent contractors toward their payroll when calculating the size of their Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)...

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