Seasonal Allergies: Eight Ways to Relief

A whopping 50 MILLION people in the United States alone suffer from seasonal allergies every year (myself included).  Sometimes allergies can make you feel absolutely awful, and can sometimes turn into something more serious, such as a sinus infection.  It...

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Employee Spotlight – Mac

Meet Mac! He’s our Director of Claims and has been with us for a year and four months.  Mac is a goofball and a kid at heart.  He is always surrounded by laughter and knows how to cheer up an entire room.  On top of that, he’s also pretty dang good at his job.  Q: How...

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How Are You Staying Fit At Home?

How has the pandemic affected your health?  Have you been using quarantine time to get in tip-top shape, or on the couch with a bag of chips? If you’ve been a couch potato… Don’t feel bad!  We’ve all been there.  Here’s a few tips to get off the couch...

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Level Funded Health Benefit Plans

With level funded health plans, employers have more control over their insurance plans and premiums. As an employer, you can assess the risks and potential costs associated with your staff and decide which plans will work best for your group. This allows you to make...

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The Importance of Healthy Sleep

The worry and stress related to loss of control and uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic can lead to sleepless nights. Healthy sleep habits, are important for maintaining your well-being. Getting adequate rest should be part of your first line of defense against...

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Should Your Employees Wear Masks?

While it may not be "pleasant" to wear them, face masks will certainly play an important role as businesses ramp back up.   Here are some things to consider when devising your company's face mask policy• The virus can spread between...

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Honoring Those Who Died for our Country

This Memorial Day weekend looks like we're not going to have the same holiday we normally do. We still need to be diligent in our social distancing. Think about scheduling a Zoom meeting with your friends and family and celebrate with a virtual happy hour. Whatever...

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Pets and COVID19

For a lot of us, our only company available right now is our pets. Although there's still a substantial amount of information we have yet to know about COVID-19, here's what we know about how to keep our furry friends safe. 1. We know that COVID-19 was originally...

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