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Makina Benefits LFP have regular and predictable health plan costs while only paying for the healthcare costs actually incurred by employees. Employers pay administrative and anticipated employee claim costs. Our claim cost containment strategies allow for the employer’s total payments to be greater than the actual claim costs, while the surplus will be used to lower future stop-loss premiums. However, if employee claims exceed what has been paid, embedded “stop-loss” insurance acts as a safety net.



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On-demand access to telemedicine consultations anywhere, anytime at $0 Copay for all covered members


The program offers assistance in scheduling all outpatient diagnostic and surgery services


100% outpatient lab benefit program through preferred lab vendor designed to save the employer and employee alike


The auto-ship program offers 100% benefit for diabetic testing supplies for enrolled participants

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Saving on Health Insurance Costs

When applying for jobs, employees want to see and know about the benefits your company offers. While no business is required to offer health insurance, it can certainly count against you if you don’t offer this benefit to your employees.  If you don’t offer a...

COBRA Health Insurance

In a time that’s marked by employees getting laid off due to circumstances beyond their control, it’s important to understand your health insurance options, including COBRA coverage.  What is COBRA? The term COBRA is an acronym for Consolidated Omnibus Budget...
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