How has the pandemic affected your health?  Have you been using quarantine time to get in tip-top shape, or on the couch with a bag of chips?

If you’ve been a couch potato… Don’t feel bad!  We’ve all been there.  Here’s a few tips to get off the couch and on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Exercise is important to keep your mind, body and soul healthy.  Try to set aside 30-45 minutes per day for exercise.  Make use of heavy items in your household, like laundry detergent bottles, and substitute them for your regular weights at the gym.

It’s easy to stay at home and munch on whatever you have stashed in the pantry.  Try to stay away from the greasy potato chips and sugary breakfast cereals.  Snack on fresh fruits or veggies instead.  When you go to the grocery store, keep most of your purchases from the outside edges of the store.  This is where the fresh food is.  Preservatives and chemically treated foods tend to hang out on the shelves in the middle of the store.

Overall, listen to your body!  Eat only when you’re hungry.  Don’t exercise too much if you’re not used to it – you’ll only get burned out more quickly. Start slow and work your way up.  Our bodies are great about telling us what they need – we just have to be here to listen.