You might have heard that Makina Benefits recently partnered with 98point6 as our new telemedicine provider. In case you’re unfamiliar with telemedicine or 98point6, learn more about these opportunities and programs that work to help you stay healthy. 

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine, or telehealth, is a collection of health-related services and resources you can use to improve your health without having to go into a doctor’s office. It provides you with more options for finding the medical help you need from experienced and licensed physicians, generally from your smartphone or computer. 

Along with providing health resources, telemedicine also allows you to get help from a licensed physician through options like text messages. 

As the world becomes more reliant on technology, telemedicine is the next advancement in using technology to better your life. 

On our journey to provide you with the best healthcare options and resources, we’re excited to have 98point6 as our new telemedicine provider.

How does 98point6 work?

If you’re not feeling well, have a concern about a symptom you’re experiencing, or need to ask a primary care physician a question, 98point6 is ready to help. Through the app, you can get a text-based consultation, diagnosis, and treatment. Regardless of the day or time, you can get the care and the peace of mind you need to start feeling better. 

Or if the physician believes an in-person visit is the best course of action, they can refer you to a physician who can provide you with the help you need to get on the right path to better health. 

It’s like having a doctor that’s only one text away. 
Find out more about 98point6, telemedicine, and how this app can make your life easier, visit the 98point6 website. You’ll receive instructions for enrolling in this program and information about how 98point6 can work for you and your family.