We want to help you keep up with your diabetes, which is why we’re partnering with Just Diabetic Solutions to provide you with the resources you need. 

Just Diabetic Solutions is more than your average diabetic testing tool supplier. They’re investing in helping you live a healthier life. With the cost-saving benefits of this program, you’ll receive help managing every aspect of your health, so you have fewer diabetic-related issues and can enjoy better success at managing this disease. 

What’s in your shipment?

When you sign up with Just Diabetic Solutions, you’ll receive diabetic testing supplies shipped to your home every 90 days. Included in your first shipment is:

iGlucose Meter

Test Strips

Lancets and Lancet Device

Control Solution

Additional Resources

With this service, you’ll receive more than just the necessary supplies. You’ll also receive additional tools through their diabetic wellness program. 

Download the app or log in to your web portal through their website, where you’ll enjoy coaching from trained professionals, diabetic-friendly recipes, and tools to help you track your bG results. 

You’ll also receive text and email updates from Just Diabetic Solutions, checking in with you and sending you educational content to continue maintaining your health. 

When you’re ready to continue prioritizing your health by using Just Diabetic Solutions, sign up through the Makina Benefits website.