What is a Level Funded Plan?

Makina Benefits LFP have regular and predictable health plan costs while only paying for the healthcare costs actually incurred by employees. Employers pay administrative and anticipated employee claim costs. Our claim cost containment strategies allow for employer’s total payments to be greater than the actual claim costs, while the surplus will be used to lower future stop loss premiums. However, if employee claims exceed what’s been paid, embedded “stop loss” insurance acts as a safety net.

Turnkey Major Medical

The Case For Small Group Level-Funding

As a TPA we have been successfully administering level funded plans for more than 600 mid-size employers in 13 states. Our clients enjoy benefits that large entities wish they could have:

Cost Savings
Streamline Plan Design
ACA Exemptions

Take Control of Your Benefit Plan

We Underwrite The Future, Not The Past

With level funded health plans, employers have more control over their insurance plans and premiums. As an employer, you can assess the risks and potential costs associated with your staff and decide which plans will work best for your group. This allows you to make decisions based on the health of your staff and what you can afford.


Talk to a Doctor Anytime

This highly convenient, always available telemedicine service connects you with board certified physicians and pediatricians anytime, day or night. Members can schedule live phone or video appointments with a Teladoc physician and get quick access to board certified physicians and pediatricians, anytime day or night.


Labs Work with Benefits

There’s an easy way to save up to 100% on outpatient lab work. Our direct benefit program through our preferred lab vendor is designed to save employer and employee alike valuable dollars on routine exams.

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$0 Copay for the following services

  • Diabetic Testing Supplies auto shipped for free to your home every 90 days
  • Relax knowing you’re in good hands with a professional diabetic coach
  • Active test result monitoring and compliance with iGlucose meter
  • Mobile app for on-demand Diabetic Educational Videos
  • Weekly Educational E-mails
  • Diabetic Menu Planning & Diabetic-friendly Recipes



iGlucose Meter
Test Strips
Lancets & Lancet Device
Control Solution

How a Level Funded Plan Works

The monthly group health premium paid to Makina Benefits Plans for your group is comprised of three separate components:

Claim Funding

Our proven cost containment strategies enables you as an employer to build enough reserves to protect your employee against minor claims.

Stop Loss Coverage

This coverage is for all your employees combined. This acts the same way a family deductible would for your employees. Once you have reached a deductible as a company the Stop Loss Coverage kicks in to take the risk.

Administrative Cost

The one thing you can count on is our expertise. We take pride in our cost containment strategies. Our fees remain fixed and we transfer the savings to you.

During our underwriting process, our focus is to predetermine 1/12th of the cost for your annual claims, claims run- off, and administrative fee. Once you pay for each month for 12 months of the plan year, there will be no other charges for that plan year. After we have paid all the claims for the plan year, we use 50% of funds in the claim bucket to reduce future premium rate increases. If you choose to terminate your plan, each employer is eligible to receive back 50% of any unused dollars in the claims fund.

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