In June of 2020, we went on a 3 month journey to better health. We got together for walks, made healthy snacks in the office, held each other accountable and cheered each other on. Read on to see how we’re all doing now and how we will continue down this journey to fitness and better quality of life.

The hardest thing for me in the beginning was having the energy to run again.  Since June, I have lost 10 pounds and I seem to run and be active more often.  I’m also more energetic now.  Determination will keep me going.  I feel good, and I can almost outrun my step boys now.  – Brittney P

Getting started was the hardest thing for me.  However, I feel that I have more stamina now and am in better shape.  The only way to keep going is just to keep moving and stay active.  – Mac

The most difficult thing for me WAS starting. I’ve been so used to a sedentary lifestyle for so long that the thought of any kind of cardio was exhausting. Once I got started, it became easier and I found myself craving the feeling of exercise and the sore muscles. I will continue to push myself and work on consistency. – Hannah B

Starting was the easy part, keeping up with the fitness plan was the challenging part.  The FitBit has helped me realize when I am not being active, I track my everyday steps and know, for instance, that I have to be better the next day.  I challenge myself to beat my own stats.  I have been choosing healthier alternatives as well, cooking and/or eating out.  The hardest part has been to keep going, but even if I feel like I failed one day, I just get up and start all over again the next day! – Tony C

The hardest thing was learning to balance work and home life to accommodate workout time.  So I’ve learned to add in small amounts here and there to try to get some exercise in.  The progress I’ve made is I feel I’ve had more energy throughout the day and I’m properly tired at night, so falling asleep has been easier for me.  My goal is to watch what I eat, be more aware and cut back on how much sugar I have, whether that be by drinking water instead of sweet tea or pop, limiting the carbs I eat, and trying to add more veggies in my meals.  – anonymous

Knowing where to start, I really appreciated how thoughtfully this program was put together.  It helped me get some footing.  Changes I have made – I am eating better, going to bed earlier, more conscious of my food choices and incorporating exercise.  This group motivated me to continue to pursue a healthier lifestyle.  I am seeing a medical doctor about ways to optimize losing weight and this group helps support my goals.  – Jennifer M

Nothing was hard for me! I was excited and pumped! My eating habits have changed, but I can work on being more consistent. My plan is to stay motivated and stay consistent, and have daily goals to keep going. – Maggie A