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Major Medical Health Benefits

At Makina Benefits, we know how important your health is.  We also know that preventive services can help detect serious illnesses early.  Our innovative level funded plans provide amazing coverage for any health situation that may come your way.


  1. Reward your employees with the power of choice, through our care locator using Google Maps and markers your employees will find care for Blood Work, Urgent Center Care, Surgery Centers, and Imaging Studies
  2. Our Concierge Services will walk your employees through the appointment and care process hand in hand
  3. We make it second grade easy for plans to understand an itemized medical bill of its cost drivers. You and your employees have the right to view every medical bill we pay

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Talk to a Doctor Anytime

This highly convenient, always available telemedicine service connects you with board certified physicians and pediatricians anytime, day or night. Members can schedule live phone or video appointments with a Teladoc physician and get quick access to board certified physicians and pediatricians anytime day or night.


Labs Work with Benefits

There’s an easy way to save up to 100% on outpatient lab work. Our direct benefit program through our preferred lab vendor is designed to save employer and employee alike valuable dollars on routine exams.



$0 Copay for the following services

  • Diabetic Testing Supplies auto shipped for free to your home every 90 days
  • Relax knowing you’re in good hands with a professional diabetic coach
  • Active test result monitoring and compliance with iGlucose meter
  • Mobile app for on-demand Diabetic Educational Videos
  • Weekly Educational E-mails
  • Diabetic Menu Planning & Diabetic-friendly Recipes



iGlucose Meter
Test Strips
Lancets & Lancet Device
Control Solution

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Just Diabetic Solutions

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