This is the time we all contemplate turning our lives around or continue doing what we’re doing. 

I’m sure we’ve all heard the quote (wrongly attributed to Albert Einstein – but that’s another story) : 

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

I’m sure you’d agree, most of us want a change for the better!

What are some of the goals that we have set up ourselves for 2021?  Are we being realistic or “dreaming big?”  Are some of our hopes and dreams rooted in reality? Are they feasible? We should all have big dreams and goals, but it is always better to have short term, achievable goals rather than something that is unattainable or that might leave us in disappointment.

Let me be clear:  These are NOT your New Year’s resolutions, they are actual goals with a plan for execution and achieving a result.

What do we really want to achieve? What is our desired outcome? Is it about our career or our personal life?  

We should be clear and specific, focus on what we really want and what we can accomplish.  We’d be surprised at what we can do if we really want to  – consistency is key. How will we get there? How do we reach the finish line? “I don’t have the time…” is always a good excuse – We MUST make time for our goals.

We must be ready to ask ourselves, “How CAN I make the time?”,  “How CAN I achieve my goal now that I have identified it?”  I CAN, must always be in our vocabulary.

We may want a certification or a degree, or maybe we want to learn a trade?   We CAN find out the best ways to enroll in a program or school that will help us get where we want to be. Time flies, before we know it, we will have our certification or receive a diploma. What is important is that we begin.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

Knowledge is power!

No doubt our certification or diploma will get us where we envision ourselves to be, but we will also need to learn more after obtaining the first goal. In my life, I’ve come to realize that learning is never-ending.  It is about enriching our minds, honing our skills, and changing the way we see the world and ourselves. It improves our behavior and the way we think by expanding and challenging our understanding.

We must read more in our free time.  If we are not an avid reader, we need to choose books that spark our interest and are going to further our advancement.

COVID got you down?

Although we all wish we were living in the “natural” – we are not. 

We can use this time positively to start a new hobby, learn a new language, start an online business, return to online schooling…the possibilities are endless!


Times have changed, it’s not about “Dear Diary,” unless we want it to be… journaling and writing every day at least for a few minutes, our thoughts, experiences or feelings – is extremely therapeutic. YOU  make the rules of what you want to write about!

Journaling reaffirms our thoughts and what our goals are.  Most importantly, it puts these goals, hopes and dreams – in writing – we can always look back and read what we were planning a month ago, maybe when we jotted it down,  it wasn’t “the right time”  but now circumstances have changed and it is feasible today. 

Journaling can help us be motivated to follow through if procrastination is our middle name – it’s like a contract with ourselves.

Whatever our goals, hopes, dreams, or resolutions are for the new year, we can stay the course and be focused if we hit a bump in the road,  we must be prepared and committed to OURSELVES to stay the course, never waiver, and never give in.  We got this!

Have a productive and satisfying 2021!