Small and medium-sized businesses are flocking to level-funded insurance plans since many small businesses offer insurance for the first time. The ACA’s tax credits for companies with 2 to 49 employees has incentivized employers to offer coverage.

A level-funded plan is typically a good option if the average of your health care claims are low. You may save on your healthcare costs without the risks of unexpected high fees if a month’s claims are high.

Level-funded gives you the benefit of a self-funded plan:  pay what you actually use, and the certainty of a traditional plan with monthly fees with a cap on what you pay.

In most cases you’ll receive a refund check if employee health claims are low.  Employers have peace of mind knowing the premium costs and limited risk. This predictability makes level funding a great option for small companies that want their employees to have great healthcare without the risk of exorbitant costs .

Making the switch from traditional to level funded insurance has many advantages and greater flexibility. Familiarize yourself with level-funded insurance, ask questions and explore your options. Contact one of our professional benefits consultants today.