Which is scarier?  COVID itself or the dreaded COVID test?  If you had asked yesterday, I would’ve said the test.  So, you can imagine the feeling I had when I took my temperature and saw it was slightly elevated.

Let’s take a deep dive (like the nurse tech did in my nose) to see what exactly happens with a COVID test. 

A thin swab is inserted into the depths of your soul (I mean, your sinuses), twisted around a little, absorbing secretions from your nasal tissue.  Then, it is removed and placed into a bag for testing.  This is how they determine whether or not the virus is in your system. Sounds like fun.

My roommate and I parked in the parking garage of the hospital where they had set up signs for COVID testing and called the number.  “We’re here for a COVID test…” I said nervously.  They didn’t need to know that a few minutes ago I was basically trying to jump out of my roommate’s car.  We waited anxiously as the hospital employees came out with face shields looking like a SWAT team.  One came up to the window of our car. 

I held my roommate’s hand as the tech verified my name and date of birth.  I closed my eyes, trying not to look at the ten-foot long swab that was about to poke my brain.  I leaned my head back, and she told me to hold still… I did not hold still, but the tech still managed to get the job done. 

Now I will say this was an extremely unpleasant experience.  I felt this swab go clear into the back of my sinuses.  It burned and it made me cough.  They did the same process on my roommate.  Then, just like that, it was over. We were told that we would have our results in 24-48 hours.  So now, we wait.  I feel like I deserved a lollipop for all of that.

Overall, it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. It’s not a fun time, but many of us will have to do it at some point in our lives… it’s over before you know it!  Be sure to quarantine yourself afterwards, otherwise the test is pointless. 

If you are concerned that you have been exposed to COVID or are having COVID-like symptoms, get tested immediately.  To find a location that is administering tests, go to your state’s health department website.


May the odds of your test results be ever in your favor.